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* Test syslinux (probably requires [[SeaBIOS]] in addition, needs to be checked).
* Test syslinux (probably requires [[SeaBIOS]] in addition, needs to be checked).
* Port [[GPXE]] to "native" coreboot (it works fine together with [[SeaBIOS]] though).

== flashrom ==
== flashrom ==

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You probably came here trying to find a small (minutes to hours) and easy task where you can get your hands dirty and get results immediately.

If you're a coreboot or flashrom newbie, this page is for you.


AMD 740G information gathering

(This project description is not finished yet)

If you have a board with AMD 740G chipset, please run (as root)

$ flashrom -V
$ lspci -nnvvvxxxx
$ superiotool -deV
$ dmidecode

and mail the output to the coreboot mailing list together with the exact model number/name of your board.

This helps us evaluate which boards are good targets for coreboot.

Here are some boards:

Formatting and whitespace cleanup

We try to maintain the code in the Development_Guidelines#Coding_Style Linux style, but occasionally white-space and other formatting issues find their way into the project. Formatting and white-space changes should be done in small groups as a separate patch from code changes. Be careful running indent/lindent. The results are not always the right thing to do and require review.

Ideally a check/test should be integrated into the build system pointing out these issues already when committing or testing the commit. Such tests probably already exist in other projects and just need to be copied.


coreboot can use a number of different payloads.

Add/test new supported payloads

  • Test syslinux (probably requires SeaBIOS in addition, needs to be checked).


The flashrom tool can read/write coreboot/BIOS images from/to flash chips.