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The embedded controller is a small microcontroller typically used in laptops for various purposes.

Embedded controller table

Vendor Model Type Architecture Toolchains Datasheet(s) Comments
ENE KB910 EC ? ? ?
ENE KB3310 EC ? ? ?
ENE KB3700 EC 8bit, 8051 core ? [1]
ENE KB3910 EC 8bit, 8051 core ? ?
ENE KB3920 EC 8bit, 8051 core ? ?
ENE KB3925 EC 8bit, 8051 core ? ?
ENE KB3926 EC 8bit, 8051 core ? ?
Fujitsu MB90378 EC 16bit, F2MC-16LX family ? [2]
ITE IT8510E EC & Super I/O 8bit, 8051 core ? ?
Renesas M388591 EC 8bit, 740 family ? [3]
Renesas M38867M8A1 EC 8bit, 740 family ? search for "M38867M8A" at renesas.com
Renesas H8S 64F3169ATE102 EC ? ? ?
NSC PC87570 EC & Super I/O ? ? ?
SMSC FDC37N958FR EC & Super I/O ? ? ?
SMSC LPC47N252 EC & Super I/O ? ? ?

1 Previously Mitsubishi, now Renesas.
2 Previously Hitachi, now Renesas.

Embedded controller photos

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