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PC Engines ALIX.1C is widely available as of August 2008.

Vendor Cooperation Score

Item Points Max Rating
#Documentation 59 80 Four-hares.png
#Hackability 9 24 Two-hares.png
#Vendor participation 0 10 Zero-hares.png
#Example and support code 7 10 Zero-hares.png
Total 75 124 Four-hares.png


Score: 59/80

Item Availability Points
CPU (Geode LX)
Datasheet / register set Freely available [1] 10
BIOS programming guide NDA allowing GPL'd code 3
Errata NDA allowing GPL'd code 3
Chipset (CS5536)
Datasheet / register set Freely available [2] 10
BIOS programming guide NDA allowing GPL'd code 3
Errata Freely available [3] 10
Super I/O
Datasheet / register set Freely available [4] 10
Schematics Freely available [5] 10


Score: 9/24. No soldering required to recover from a bad flash, but an LPC dongle or LPC pod is required.

Item Status Points
Rom chip Soldered 0
LPC header Available, can be used for secondary rom chip 9
JTAG header No 0

Vendor participation

PC Engines does not directly take part in the project. Score: 0/10.

Item Status Points
Vendor participation No direct vendor participation 0

Example and support code

Pascal Dornier, the person behind PC Engines, has supplied developers with sample code and documentation and is very responsive via e-mail. Score: 7/10

Item Status Points
Example and support code Vendor provides code via e-mail, no NDA/license agreement required. 7

Background on our rating system

See the Rating System page for more information.