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This page contains coreboot-related screenshots, photos, and videos.


There are several coreboot-related videos on YouTube and other video hosting sites.

Presentations from the 2016 coreboot conference in San Francisco, CA, USA




LinuxTag 2014 =

Demo of coreboot with payload SeaBIOS loading KolibriOS floppy image from the flash ROM.

26th Chaos Communication Congress

Peter Stuge presented coreboot: Adding support for a system near you 12/27/2009

Slides (application/zip - 1.7 MB)

Video (MPEG-4)

Torrent of the Video (MPEG-4)

FreedomHEC Taipei 2009: coreboot (formerly LinuxBIOS)

Peter Stuge presented coreboot (formerly LinuxBIOS) at FreedomHEC Taipei 2009.

Coreboot hacking: How to solder a PLCC socket on your board

Uwe Hermann created a video showing how to desolder a PLCC chip and solder on a socket instead. You can get it from:

The video is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license.

See also: Soldering a socket on your board

coreboot and SeaBIOS starting Windows 7

Rudolf Marek shows his ASUS M2V-MX SE with coreboot and SeaBIOS booting Windows 7 on a 2GHz AMD Sempron CPU.

Downloads: MJPEG 1024x768, 332MB, H.264 1024x768, 34MB, H.264 960x720, 91MB, H.264 640x480, 35MB, H.264 320x240, 13MB, H.264 320x240, 6.1MB.

Chaos Communication Congress 2008 (25C3): coreboot: Beyond The Final Frontier

Peter Stuge presented coreboot: Beyond The Final Frontier at the 25th Chaos Communication Congress (25C3).

Google Tech Talks 2008: coreboot (aka LinuxBIOS): The Free/Open-Source x86 Firmware

FSCONS coreboot talk

Peter Stuge did a coreboot presentation at FSCONS 2008.

Video: OGG, 71MB

FOSDEM 2007 LinuxBIOS-talk

Chaos Communication Congress 2006 LinuxBIOS Lightning Talk

OLPC booting with LinuxBIOS

Peter Stuge's car MP3 player

LinuxBIOS with X Server Inside

  • LinuxBIOS with X Server Inside — LinuxBIOS with X Server (Kdrive, formely TinyX) inside a 2MB BIOS flash memory (no hard drive required).
  • Another (better quality) version of the video in Ogg Theora is available here (9.7 MB).
  • A HOWTO for this setup is available, too.

Screenshots and Photos


Sample hardware on which coreboot can run

Various coreboot payloads

There are also a few more photos/screenshots on Google Image Search.