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Winbond W83977EF

Superiotool is a GPL'd user-space helper tool for LinuxBIOS development purposes (but may also be useful for other things). It allows you to detect which Super I/O you have on your mainboard, and it can provide detailed information about the register contents of the Super I/O.

Supported devices

Vendor Super I/O Detection Register dump Human-readable dump BIOS dumps LinuxBIOS dumps
ALi M1535/M1535D/M1535+/M1535D+ Yes Yes No
ASUS A8000 Yes Yes No 1
Fintek F71862FG Yes No No
Fintek F71872F/FG / F71806F/FG Yes No Yes
Fintek F71882FG/F71883FG Yes No No
Fintek F71805F/FG Yes Yes Yes
ITE IT8661F No Yes No
ITE IT8702F Yes No No
ITE IT8705F/AF / IT8700F Yes Yes No
ITE IT8708F Yes Yes No 1
ITE IT8710F Yes No No
ITE IT8712F Yes Yes No
ITE IT8716F Yes Yes No
ITE IT8718F Yes Yes No 1
NSC1 PC8374L Yes No Yes
SMSC FDC37N769 Yes Yes No 1
SMSC FDC37B80x Yes No No
SMSC FDC37B78x Yes No No
SMSC FDC37B72x Yes No No
SMSC FDC37M81x Yes No No
SMSC FDC37M60x Yes No No
SMSC LPC47B27x Yes No No
SMSC LPC47M10x Yes Yes No 1
SMSC LPC47M15x Yes No No
SMSC LPC47S45x Yes No No
SMSC LPC47B387 Yes No No
SMSC LPC47B397 Yes No No
SMSC DME1737 Yes Yes No
SMSC SCH5307 Yes No No
Winbond W83977CTF Yes No No
Winbond W83977EF/EG Yes No No
Winbond W83627SF Yes No No
Winbond W83697HF/F/HG Yes Yes No
Winbond W83L517D/D-F Yes No No
Winbond W83697SF/UF/UG Yes No No
Winbond W83637HF/HG Yes No No
Winbond W83627THF/THG Yes No No
Winbond W83627DHG Yes No No
Winbond W83627EHF/EF/EHG/EG Yes Yes No 1, 2
Winbond W83627UHG Yes No No
Winbond W83977F-A/G-A/AF-A/AG-A Yes No No
Winbond W83977TF Yes No No
Winbond W83977ATF Yes No No
Winbond W83627HF/F/HG/G Yes No No 1
Winbond W83877F Yes No No
Winbond W83877TF Yes No No
Winbond W83877ATF Yes No No

1 Previosly National Semiconductor, now bought by Winbond.


$ svn co svn://
$ make
$ sudo make install


Probe/detect the Super I/O in your mainboard:

$ superiotool

Register dump as table of hex-values (if the Super I/O is detected):

$ superiotool -d

Detailed register dump in human-readable format:

$ superiotool -D

Please see the README for further information.

GNU head This work is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or any later version. This work is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.