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Peter intro

what is coreboot - history - motivation payloads and compression other software in same or related fields sibling projects: seabios serialice coreinfo bayou libpayload buildrom mkelfImage nvramtool superiotool inteltool msrtool flashrom

Peter technical details

modern pc architecture ram init cache-as-ram gcc vs. romcc mention system management mode mention embedded controllers and capabilities and tasks

Rudolf acpi

  • what for is ACPI
  • hardware side - PM regs
  • CPU power modes C1/C2/C3
  • software architecture of ACPI
  • Tables in more detail
  • Some tour through it acpiextract iasl
  • Coreboot specific stuff - perhaps the ACPIgen
  • and SSDT generation

Rudolf board porting

  • Get to know your HW (lspci, superiotool)
  • serial setup + troubles wrong OSC speeds
  • GPIO setup
  • watchdogs - yes ite has default on :)
  • IRQ routing
  • ACPI specific stuff for each board

Carl-Daniel flashrom

Luc board enable reverse engineering