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Relevant or possibly interesting talk(s):

Who is coming?

  • Idwer Vollering
  • Peter Stuge
  • Carl-Daniel Hailfinger
  • Vladimir Serbinenko
  • Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli

Who brings what?


  • X201
  • X230
  • 2x Lenovo power supplies (don't forget EU power cords)
  • EHCI debug dongle (+cables)
  • Buspirate (+cables)
  • Pomona SOIC-8 clip
  • 5 x SST 49LF008A
  • 5 x SST 49LF160C

Can bring:

  • ASUS COM cable
  • PLCC extractor
  • A8N-E+CPU+ECC RAM (rather not)
  • PSU (rather not)
  • USBserial


  • Samsung Lumpy+charger
  • Buspirate (+cables)
  • breadboard
  • Pomona SOIC-8 clip
  • 2x W25Q64 soic8 (and perhaps 2x soic8 that are converted to fit dip8)
  • USB removable media
  • PS/2 keyboard with PS/2-to-USB adapter
  • (when someone brings his/her asus f2a85-m board: an SSD with win7 installed)



  • Lots of power sockets and extension cords
  • Bus Pirate
  • HP 635 laptop
  • Various flash chips
  • Artec FlexyICE
  • 19" flat screen monitor with DVI+VGA incl. cables
  • flashrom flyers
  • posters
  • thousands of cables

Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli

I'll try to bring:

  • My x60 (without batteries)
  • My t60 (with my battery)
  • A null modem cable
  • An usb to serial adapter(standard voltage).
  • A jack-jack audio cable for spkmodem
  • My gpg fingerprint
  • I am also able to create an ipxe bootable system rapidely, assuming that:
    • I've access to the Internet
    • The "client" computer has a way of storing ipxe, like:
      • A NIC with a flash chip(shows off flashrom and seabios ability of loading option roms)
      • Any PCI card used as a carrier(shows off the "carrier" "feature", flashrom, and option rom loading).
      • Or we could simply put ipxe into coreboot's flash.
      • Putting it on a common storage device is not a good idea for attracting visitors.
    • I don't have scripts to boot an nfsroot over wifi, instead I can either:
      • Boot it trough an ethernet NIC.
      • Boot small self-contained kenrel and initramfs over wifi (no nfsroot).

I wonder if I should bring:

  • My E350M1
  • A programmer
  • My pomona clip
  • some flash chips for testing the programmers setups
  • The fragile LPC dongle for the ALIX.1C

I'd like not to have to bring:

  • The GTA04 which has:
    • A standard voltage serial port and db9 connector.
    • USB debug capabilities trough g_dbgp.

I'd like other people to bring:

  • An x60 dock(I'll cary only a backpack)
  • Their gpg fingerprint
  • A soldering iron that works(full setup) would be nice, but not strictly needed.
  • network cables.

Stuff we need (please check if you can bring it)

  • Power supply units
  • Monitors
  • Flyers for coreboot and flashrom. Who has the PDFs for our latest flyers (probably Carl-Daniel)?
  • CF/USB sticks/... to boot boards.
  • Keyboards
  • supported recent AMD board
  • supported small system (alix?)
  • supported ARM board
  • gpg fingerprints?