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Proposal: EOL the following ROMCC dependent boards

Investigate which ROMCC dependent boards we may EOL here:



  • mainboard/via/epia/Kconfig: select ROMCC
  • mainboard/via/epia-n/Kconfig: select ROMCC
  • mainboard/via/epia-m/Kconfig: select ROMCC


  • mainboard/televideo/tc7020/Kconfig: select ROMCC
  • mainboard/technologic/ts5300/Kconfig: select ROMCC


  • mainboard/supermicro/x6dhr_ig2/Kconfig: select ROMCC
  • mainboard/supermicro/x6dhr_ig/Kconfig: select ROMCC
  • mainboard/supermicro/x6dhe_g2/Kconfig: select ROMCC
  • mainboard/supermicro/x6dhe_g/Kconfig: select ROMCC
  • mainboard/supermicro/x6dai_g/Kconfig: select ROMCC


  • mainboard/intel/xe7501devkit/Kconfig: select ROMCC
  • mainboard/intel/truxton/Kconfig: select ROMCC
  • mainboard/intel/jarrell/Kconfig: select ROMCC


  • mainboard/iei/nova4899r/Kconfig: select ROMCC
  • mainboard/iei/juki-511p/Kconfig: select ROMCC
  • mainboard/eaglelion/5bcm/Kconfig: select ROMCC
  • mainboard/dmp/vortex86ex/Kconfig: select ROMCC
  • mainboard/digitallogic/msm586seg/Kconfig: select ROMCC
  • mainboard/bifferos/bifferboard/Kconfig: select ROMCC
  • mainboard/bcom/winnet100/Kconfig: select ROMCC
  • mainboard/axus/tc320/Kconfig: select ROMCC
  • mainboard/asi/mb_5blmp/Kconfig: select ROMCC
  • mainboard/asi/mb_5blgp/Kconfig: select ROMCC
  • mainboard/advantech/pcm-5820/Kconfig: select ROMCC