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Ideas for generic handling of devices

Chan is an IO channel.

This struct is used in Inferno and has been for a long time; so it works. It's also in the opcodes somewhat like what we did for EMMC on ARM.

struct Dev { char* name;

void (*reset)(void);

void (*init)(void);

void (*shutdown)(void);

Chan* (*attach)(char*); /* tell the device you want to use it */

Walkqid* (*walk)(Chan*, Chan*, char**, int); /* walk to a name in the device's managed name space; return a handle */

int (*stat)(Chan*, uchar*, int); // status info

Chan* (*open)(Chan*, int); /* get access to a resource in the device name space */

void (*close)(Chan*); /* tell it you are done with whatever it is. */

long (*read)(Chan*, void*, long, vlong);

long (*write)(Chan*, void*, long, vlong);

void (*power)(int); /* power mgt: power(1) ? on, power (0) ? off */