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This is a self-service job board for commercial ventures looking for coreboot developers. Job postings can be added using our regular Gerrit/Git workflow using the homepage repo, for details see below.

Open coreboot positions

2024-03-28: 9elements Cyber Security: Open-Source Firmware Developer / coreboot

  • Job description
  • Location: Europe, Remote (+/- 6 hours CET Timezone) or Germany, Bochum

2022-10-18: SysPro Consulting: Intel Boot Firmware

  • Job description
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ metro area preferred
  • U.S. Citizenship required

Adding a job advert to this page

This page is maintained in a git repo. Its configuration page provides a "Clone with commit-msg hook" command line to easily fetch it and configure your checkout properly. After editing, you can push your change with git push origin HEAD:refs/for/main

We expect those who add entries to maintain them, as well: New URL? Update. No more job offers? Delete. Failure to do so might mean that you won't get clearance to get future job postings merged and published. We expect job postings to be updated or deleted after 3 months at most. When updating them, move them to the top of the list again to retain chronological order.

New entries need to come with: Employer, Job name, URL to this position on your job board, Regional or citizenship restrictions, date when you initially put up the job advert for review in Gerrit. New entries should be at the top of the list so that the job postings are (roughly, due to potential merge delays) ordered by publishing date. It may be easiest to copy the commented-out template and fill it in. Don't try to make your ad stand out in particular: These are job adverts, but we don't need blink-tags or other stylistic horrors on our web page, so changes that deviate from the standard scheme will be rejected in review and therefore delayed.

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