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Recommended CPU's

I don't know anyone with a non SE CPU (or 6328) that is satisfied with their performance level and that turns them away from coreboot.

The idea of this is for a recommended CPU's list, not simply a list of compatible CPU's which one can easily obtain with their favorite search engine.

It is difficult to find a list of "good" G34/C32 CPU's, and a 6272 is the furthest one can be from that category.

"Economically Challanged?" Freedom isn't free - if one can afford a $415 motherboard they can also afford to purchase a CPU that costs more than the G34 heat-sink and fan assembly required to cool a 95W processor. Someone on a budget would also be probably getting a D8 board which is $100 cheaper so the G34 cpu question doesn't apply.

I was being cheap and I got a 6274, but I wish I had got a 6284SE (only $40 more at the time) as I am unsatisfied with the single thread performance, someone who requires real security almost always has the cash to get it.


Despite the TPM being a proprietary module the CRTM is owner controlled according to raptor engineering.

Obviously one needs a compatible module (one would think that someone with the intelligence to install coreboot would know this but they don't so thanks for adding that)